Chris Buchanan is the voice, songwriter, guitar player and composer of The Minds Web.   It started with a second hand drum kit at 16 when his father bought and brought home from a co-worker that no longer wanted them.  After a couple years of playing, realizing to be the next Travis Barker or Neil Peart was going to take a lot more patience in developing the craft of drumming to their level of ability.  Learning how to play the guitar was the next instrument of choice on his mothers Yamaha acoustic but playing other artist and bands music was not of interest Odd songs here and there were learned but Chris knew, to get to where his idols were and are, creating his own songs from his own experience or viewpoints was the way.  

At 24 he suggested to a friend at the time who was a drummer in a band called Atlantis Blueprint to be their guitar tech and within the opportunity given,  asides from the stereotypes (backstage hangouts, pre and after show tales) Chris was also wanting to learn the in's and out's and what to do and not to do that encircles the mysteries of bands / artist rise and falls.  Well.....the guitar tech gig was short lived as the band members went separate ways and with having five years to reflect the experience, the answers to the questions had moving forward plays a part in todays development.  

As the guitar tech gig ended, life for Chris was not in order like he had hoped it would be, going from job to job and a move back home, the direction in life itself wasn't good.  Knowing where he wanted to go and where he was, he had to come to acceptance of where he was first, not easy for a man who has very high expectations to allow the understanding which came 5 years later with reasoning.  A couple years now into his 30's Chris knew something had to be done and through a synchronicity moment he started going to classes on how to develop a better version of himself and knowing how to release the old to allow the new to ignite.  Life was starting to turn for the better and not knowing at the time it was also preparing him for what was about to occur.  

While rejuvenating himself mentally and physically, his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and later having another primary cancer showing up as colon cancer.  In 2018 Chris's mom had passed away and It took a few months for Chris to find a place of his own and while waiting for his next place to live, he spent three weeks in a motel before finding a place in the York region of Ontario.  Finally getting his feet moving again, a conscious decision to go to Peru and experience Ayahausca was made. " Its life changing-mentally and physically and to those who are wanting to do it for the betterment of self,  I truly recommend it" says Chris and because of the decision, it was during a guided meditation where The Minds Web  name comes from  After coming back from Peru with a clearer view of his path in life, a cleansed energy field and a new band namethe next 10 months Chris finally finished what he had started 5 years prior. Centre lane was complete and ready for the public to hear on April 20th 2020!